Reggetiko – Koutouki Bar

Rembetiko/ Reggetiko aus Thessaloniki

Am Fr. dem 26.05.2017 ab 20.30h wird endlich eine echte
„Koutouki“ Band aus dem Bereich „Rembetiko“, nach langer Reise exklusiv aus Thessaloniki, in der Qutoqi Bar ankommen und den musikalischen Part im Sinne des Bar-Namens darstellen.
Akustische, atmosphärische Sounds und wohlbekannte Klänge
verbindet das Projekt „Reggetiko“ wie keine bisher dagewesene Band bei Uwe Klein.
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A gift for the senses.

Project Reggetiko is a musical meeting between people with very different creative roots, who share the same love for creative improvisation and direct musical interaction. The result is an experimental, collective form of expression that treats music and improvisation as a way of communication between people. Our philosophy is that simple or complex, music making should always be characterized by mutual respect and honesty.

Two and a half years ago, its first album „Music Conversations“ was published and was succesfully presented to Palermo of Sicily with Istanbul, Athens and Freiburg to follow. Xarkis Festival at Cyprus (July of 2015) was the last stop before the recordings of their second album named „Knot“ that was first presented to the great „Gitarcafe“ live stage of Istanbul a year ago and more concerts to Kozani, Thessaloniki, Serres, Rhodes, Drama (Tentart Festival) and Symviosis Festival at Lesvos, where RP played also at Karatepe and Moria refugee camps, to follow.

Last January they had the oportunity to acompany Kostis’s Kostidakis Shadow Theater at Rialto concert hall at of Lemesos (Cyprus) while the third album is on work, with the participation of the legendary grammy awarded Bulgarian pianist Milcho Leviev and expected to be ready before the end of the year.

Participating Linus Jelos (guitar), Sokrates Votskos (sax, duduk) and Theodore Koumartzis (baglama, ukulele, melodica).

Upon listening to Reggetiko Project last album, Knot, one immediately has the feeling a story is being told. A story of people and their travels, onto which one cannot help submerging. The atmospheric tunes, and the refreshing and at times melancholic chords will take you through the streets of Greek cities. From the Mediterranean dawn to warm Arabian nights. A flawlessly tuned jam session.

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BEGINN: 20.30h
EINTRITT: Frei - Hut

Reggetiko – Koutouki Bar

Rembetiko/ Reggetiko aus Thessaloniki